I've been painting watercolors from my own photography for 30 years now. Painting images from the Southern Illinois region and beyond. The watercolors come from a place within me that needed to express itself since my career was with Federal Law Enforcement. Seeing acts of brutality at a maximum security penitentiary sparked a deep desire to show the beauty around me instead of the dark side of humanity that I had witnessed repeatedly.


I am a founding member of the Little Egypt Arts Association and past president. I also teach beginner and advanced photography at John A Logan College. I've been involved with several mural projects in the S.I. area for well over a decade now. Painting on several municipal murals in Herrin Illinois the past few years. My artistic life is now about the playful pursuit for inspiration, beauty and creativity and that's a good place to be!  

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I have an incredible collection of watercolor paintings, murals and photography. If you need more information about how to buy one of my pieces you can reach me by using the contact form and I will be happy to quote you a price.  The photography I print on demand by the size you want. You can also use that same contact form to reach me for a quote on a mural commission. Thanks and enjoy my art.  © 2014 by KILLMAN ART.